About our company

In connection with TECHMARK CORPORATION in the USA, from the early seventies on, TECHMARK GMBH has been successfully active as supplier of industrial instrumentation and controls. On one hand, we offer such products as filter monitors, indicating, switching and transmitting controls for differential pressure and air flow, which TECHMARK assembles in Germany. On the other hand, TECHMARK offers a wide variety of well-proven equipment of prominent domestic and foreign production: electromechanical, electronic and pneumatic instruments for monitoring, measuring and controlling pressure, flow, level, temperature, concentration and other engineering units.

Among others, we are long-term suppliers of:

  • MAGNEHELIC-, PHOTOHELIC-, CAPSUHELIC-, MINIHELIC-, MAGNESENSE- and other DWYER-differential pressure gages and transmitters as well as of the full range of DWYER instrumentation for differential pressure, air velocity, flow etc. That includes MERCOID pressure and temperature switches, W.E.ANDERSON flow meters and switches.
  • MCM-turbine wheel technology products: flow meters, flow controllers, flow sensors, mass flow meters / controllers and special products for semiconductor industries
  • pneumatic actuation units and systems of TECMARK CORPORATION
  • LIQUID SOLIDS CONTRTOL process refractometers
  • ORANGE RESEARCH differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters
  • Produal OY sensors and controller for the building automation management systems
  • UNITED ELECTRIC (American standard) pressure and temperature switches
  • FLO MON flow meters, switches and transmitters
  • MONITOR level switches, transmitters, bin aeration
  • MICRONICS ultrasonic flow meters

We invite you to take advantage of our over 45 years of experience, the same way as our other long-standing customers do: turn-key installation and process projects in pharmaceutical, beverage/food, (petro)chemical and machinery industry the same way as engineering, start-up and maintenance in air conditioning, ventilating, heating and leisure water industries as well as design and production engineers of analytical, medical and industrial OEM's and aircraft industries. You will be assisted and consulted on applications and products by our main Munich office, as well as by our local field sales staff.

Please let us know the product areas you are interested in, and we will mail you according product literature.

Our office and field sales staff is ready to contact you with product proposals and quotations.