Accessories for air conditioning

Accessories for air conditioning

Several filter, cooling elements, fittings, etc. for the air conditioning

Accessories for the HVAC


The programmable TM-PMS-620N indicator is applicable to cooperation with the transmitters having a standard input current and voltage signals . Two alarm values controlling the relay outputs can be programmed. Diodes on the front of the indicator indicate the exceeding of the alarm values.
The relay outputs have a pair of operating contacts. The transmitter can be powered directly from the indicator with a built-in auxiliary 24 V DC supply unit. The casing with a degree of protection IP-65 makes the display possible to be operated under difficult environmental conditions.


The Series TMP-SPPM Smart Programmable Panel Meter is a configurable, full color display that can be used in a variety of applications. Utilizing a USB connection, the panel meter can be configured with downloadable software, using any computer running Windows® based software. Available with either a 2.4" or 2.8" screen which features remarkable graphics that can easily be customized to read and/or graph pressure, temperature, humidity, gas concentration, or many other parameters.


The A-464 Mounting Kit provides a flush mounting solution for TMP 2000 Magnehelic gage installations for applications such as clean rooms and mechanical equipment rooms. The A-464 can also be used as an alternative means to flush mount Magnehelic gages on control panel enclosures. The space pressure reference port eliminates the need to drill separate holes and run tubing long distances.


Ideal for use with our precision manometers and air velocity gauges, the TMP-160 Pitot Tubes are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel for a lifetime of service. No correction factors required as ASHRAE tip design yields a calibration factor of 1


Designed to protect pressure instrumentation by dampening surges and pulsations and assuring steady average pressure readings. Snubbers are available in a variety of pore sizes for use with gases, water, and oils


Remove 99.99% of unwanted particles from within your gas flow with the Model F195 Disposable In-Line Filter. Encapsulated microfiber filter elements are able to filter particles as small as 0.1 micron. Filters are completely disposable - simply remove the filter from your line and throw it away when it becomes dirty. The transparent nylon housing makes it simple to determine if the filter needs to be changed


The F700 Series of filters is ideal for the filtering of liquids or gasses in low pressure systems. The nylon construction is resistant to harmful components often found in sample streams. Replaceable filter elements remove particles and droplets as small as .01 micron with 95% efficiency


Klimaset, connection kit for mounting at the process pipe, with plastic or metal plug and tubing


TM-RY 1-U is an economical voltage controlled relay converting a 0...10 Vdc analog input signal into a contact output


The Series MPR Miniature Pressure Regulators are compact units that provide low cost, high performance pressure regulation of compressed air or air/water. The low torque, non-rising adjustment knob with locking capability provides easy and precise adjustment. Models for use with air are self relieving. Models for air/water are non-relieving


The Perforated and Spiral Cooling Towers protect pressure instruments during high temperature applications. Both the spiral and perforated styles are made with 316L stainless steel and are available with various process connections in NPT or BSPT style. Both Cooling Towers are ideal for use with pressure gages, switches, and transmitters where the process media temperature exceeds the rating of the instrument