Air velocity gages and switches

Air velocity gages and switches

monitoring with analog displays, also with electrical contacts, portable units with bluetooth communication, also suitable for maintenance, Vane Anemometers for Service applications

Measuring with Air velocity gages and switches


The Model TMF-471B Thermo-Anemometer Test Instrument is a versatile dual function unit that quickly and easily measures air velocity or volumetric flow as well as air temperature in imperial or metric units. A stainless steel probe is included, which has a comfortable hand grip and etched insertion depth marks. The extruded aluminum housing fully protects electronics, yet is lightweight and comfortable to hold.



The 100 mm Vane thermo-anemometer test instrument is a versatile unit that quickly measures air velocity or air flow as well as air temperature and humidity in imperial or metric units.


portable, vane-type thermo anemometer, ranges from 0,3 to 45 m/s (0,6 to 88 knots), simultaneous measurement of air velocity and temperature, RS232 interface


Pitot probes (Prandtl'sches Staurohr), Material: stainless steel, various insertion depths


The Model TMW-AP2 Wireless Thermo-Anemometer Probe measures air velocity, air flow, and temperature when combined with the Model UHH Universal Handheld. In order to prevent damage to the sensing element, the probe has a protective sleeve that slides over the sensor when it is not in use. Markings on the probe allow users to know the insertion depth to obtain better accuracy when traversing the duct. Wireless probes can take measurements up to 50 feet away from the UHH. A bicolor LED flashes on the handle of the probe to indicate communication status with the UHH. The battery is rechargeable via the mini-USB connector on the bottom of the probe.

The Model TMW-VP2 Wireless 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Probe measures air velocity, air flow, humidity, and temperature when combined with the Model UHH Universal Handheld. By having a larger diameter, the rotating vane is able to measure velocities down to 50 fpm or 0.25 m/s. An arrow is molded into the vane housing to depict the flow direction.


The Model TMW-BTG Wireless Mobile Wireless Gateway transforms the wireless signal from any Dwyer Instruments, Inc. universal handheld probe or module into a Bluetooth SIG, Inc, Wireless Technology. Using this gateway, any iOS Firmware version 5.X or later or Android Firmware version 3.X or later smartphone or tablet can become the base instrument for measuring or logging. Once the gateway is paired with a phone or tablet, our Mobile Meter? app or any other Dwyer Instruments, Inc. approved apps can detect available probes or modules. Wireless gateways can detect probes or modules that are 50 feet away or even greater distances depending on the environment. The wireless signal from the gateway to the mobile device adds at least another 25 feet of sensing distance. Model TMW-BTG is compact in size and clips on to most standard belts. The rechargeable battery can be charged using the same mini-USB cable and charger as the probes or modules. LED lights indicate the battery status and whether the gateway is communicating properly.

TM 192

Filter monitor; this instrument was especially designed to visually and electrically monitor filters in HVAC and clean room applications, various ranges available, large analog Magnehelic indicator, protection IP54, optional IP65, adjustable signal flag, PG cable gland instead of connector, metal pressure connections, customer logo, colored scales, special scales in m/s, m3/h, etc., low-temperature version to -28°C

TM 200

Magnehelic, for wall mounting, Magnehelic in a plastic enclosure; options: stainless steel front bezel, adjustable signal flag, customer logo, colored scales