Digital Differential Pressure Gages

Digital Differential Pressure Gages

Portable or flush mounting, high accuracy of the portable units, for calibration in the field, ranges from 0-60 Pa to 0-10 bar

Digital Differential Pressure Gages


Digital differential pressure gage, ranges from 0-60 Pa to 0-25 kPa, LCD-display, blinking display - when setpoint is reached, 24 Volts or battery powered, fits in TMP 2000, Magnehelic cut-out


Portable, accuracy: ± 0,05% FS, can be used as secondary calibration standard; option: wetted materials stainless steel


Portable, accuracy ± 0,5% FS; ranges from 0-250 Pa to 0-10 bar, perfect for field calibration or maintenance


Portable, accuracy ± 1,5% FS, either pressure gage with range from -5kPa to +5kPa or differential pressure gage with ranges from -1kPa to +1kPa or -14 kPa to +14kPa, for lab or service use


The MODEL TMP-LDPM Digital Differential Pressure Manometer is a versatile, handheld, battery operated manometer that can measure up to 55.4 in w.c. (140.6 cm w.c.). It is able to measure either positive, negative, or differential pressure with a 3% FS accuracy. Users can select from 11 common English and metric pressure units.