Digital displays for flow meters

Digital displays for flow meters

adjustable setpoints, for turbine wheel sensors

Measuring with Digital displays


Inexpensive mini-display, LCD, input signal: 0-5 VDC, power supply: 5-24 VDC, shows only actual value


TM-MCM-220 is a fully programmable display that will display flow in any engineering unit. Press a button and see your totalized flow on additional screens. A second press of the button will display current realtime flow rate. For security, the front panel reset (total flow) may be disabled.


TM-MCM-250E digital display allows the user to use an analog output flow sensor to its fullest potential. Flow rate and totalizing functions are included. Functionality includes being able to program a 16-point calibration curve into a unit, and have it display the corrected values, even retransmitting the linearized signal with the optional analog output card. Also, the user can program alarm setpoints, with actual relay contacts, with hysteresis and startup options. The easy to use, menu-driven interface makes programming a snap, and the bright LED display ensures clarity even under bright-light conditions