Monitoring and regulation of the flow

Monitoring and regulation of the flow

Gages, switches and transmitter with different measurement principles, monitoring and regulation of  liquids and gases

Vane type flow meters

Various materials; up to two set points; NW 10 to NW 200, also ATEX approved models

Piston operated flow meters

different materials, reed-contacts

Vane operated flow meter

ATEX-approved models available

Float type flow meters

for gases or liquids

Pelton-turbine wheel flow meters

for gases and liquids, with or without display

Thermal mass flow meters

with or without display, only for gases

Flow transmitter with analog display and Hall-sensor

for liquids and gases, piston-type or diaphragm

Flow controller

for high purity and corrosive liquids, application: semi-conductor industry

Ultrasonic flowmeter

either portable or stationary, transit time or doppler method, heat energy measurement

Magnetic-inductive Flowmeter

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter, adjustable, for pipe diameter from 102 to 900 mm, outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, BACnet or Modbus protocoll

Digital Displays

adjustable setpoints