Gages, switches and transmitter with different measurement principles, for liquids and gases

Vane type flow meters

Various materials; up to two set points; NW 10 to NW 200, also ATEX approved models

Piston operated flow meters

different materials, reed-contacts

Vane operated flow meter

ATEX-approved models available

Float type flow meters

for gases or liquids

Pelton-turbine wheel flow meters

for gases and liquids, with or without display

Thermal mass flow meters / controllers

with or without display, for gases or liquids

Flow transmitter with analog display and Hall-sensor

for liquids and gases, piston-type or diaphragm

Flow controller

for high purity and corrosive liquids, application: semi-conductor industry

Ultrasonic flowmeter

either portable or stationary, transit time or doppler method, heat energy measurement

Digital Displays

adjustable setpoints