Process refractometer

Process refractometer

for continuous in-line measurement of RI, Brix, etc.; various process connections according to customer applications, temperature compensated, with ethernet connection for controlling via internet browser, special models for applications in pulp and paper industry

Monitoring and Controlling with Process refractometer


Process refractometer, 8.4" Touch-Screen, accuracy: ±0,5% FS, ranges from 1,3000-1,6000 RI, other units available, automatical temperature compensation, TM-LSC-M-614 now has the ability to handle two measurements at the same time. Each measurement can be totally different calibrations as well as totally different sensing head designs. Each sensing head can be up to 500 meters away. This greatly reduces the cost of each point of measurement


Process refractometer, easy setup, accuracy ±5% FS, option: ±1% FS, small size, applications: control of beverages, ketchup, surgar, vine, beer, jam, etc.


Process refractometer, measuring green liquor density in pulp industry, accuracy: ± 0,5% FS, customs made ranges, sensor manufactured according to customers application, directly in the dissolving tank, easy cleaning of the sensor


With all hardware and software designed specifically for this application, the Model TM-LSC-1022 is an automatic liquor divert system well ahead of its time, equally appropriate as a devoted stand alone system (operates the Divert Valve directly) or integrated with a modern DCS or burner management system through various discrete dry contacts, performs all necessary operational functions, including a number of "first ever" features, and fully complies with all recommendations of B.L.R.B.A.C.