Vane operated flow switches

Vane operated flow switches

ATEX-approved models available, various models in stainless or brass, paddle trimable in the field, for gases and liquids

Measuring with Vane operated flow switches


Rugged and reliable the Series TMAN-V4 flow switch operates automatically to protect equipment and pipeline systems against damage from reduction or loss of flow. A free-swinging vane attracts a magnet within the solid metal switch body, actuating a snap switch by means of a simple lever arm, ATEX-approved, IIG Ex D IIB T6, for gases and liquids, materials: brass or stainless steel 316, pipe diameter 38 mm up to 500 mm, custom made vane length for customer applications, option: temperature range up to max. 204°C


Surprisingly compact, the Series TMAN-V6 flow switch is engineered to specifically monitor liquid, gas, or air flows. The lower body holds the flow vane and one magnet, which controls the switch actuating magnet in the separate upper housing. ATEX-approved, IIG Ex D IIB T6, for gases and liquids, materials: brass or stainless steel 316, pipe diameter 13 mm bis 50 mm, model for very low flow rates available, option: temperature range up to max. 204°C


The TMAN-V8 flow switch has a leak proof body and vane constructed of tough durable polyphenylene sulfide which has excellent chemical resistance. The full size trimmable vane is provided with molded-in graduations allowing for installation in a 1 inch through 6 inch pipe. Operating pressures are up to 150 psig (10 bar) and temperatures to 212°F (100°C).


The V10 flow switch is used to monitor unattended equipment and protect it from costly damage. The TMAN-V10 flow switch utilizes a rugged, hermetically sealed reed switch which is encapsulated in a polypropylene switch housing that fits into a standard heavy duty leak proof brass body or optional 303 Stainless Steel body. The switch adjustment allows the user to change the switch to Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) in the field merely by loosening two screws. A full size, trimmable stainless steel vane is provided with a removable laminated template. Allows for field installation in pipelines from 1/2" to 2" diameter.


The Series TMAN-FS-2 vane flow switch offers an economical flow proving solution. Custom set points tailored for the application are enabled by field adjustable vane layers and a set point adjustment screw. Paddles are adjustable to fit 1" to 8" size pipe. TMAN-FS-2 is ideal for use in "flow or no flow" applications in cold and hot water systems.