Wireless sensors for different networks

Wireless sensors for different networks

Wireless Sensors work in different networks like 868 MHz or 2,4 GHz

Wireless Sensors for 868 MHz

The traditional 868 MHz wireless platform offers a wide range of products for outdoor and indoor applications, including a relay unit with an IP54 housing and occupancy detection.

The 868 MHz platform is an optimal solution for smaller applications where only a few wireless transmitters are needed.

Wireless Sensors for 2,4 GHz

Our new-generation, fully battery-operated Produal Proxima® MESH 2.4 GHz solution offers unparalleled reliability for wireless building automation.

It is based on the intelligent and self-healing MESH network, using the best available communication frequencies dynamically in the building. The patented technology minimizes the likelihood of interference by or with other wireless systems.

Produal wireless MESH allows you to share the network connection across a wider area than ever before, and dedicated wireless applications can be built and commissioned easily.